Kulturministeriet Reference

Choosing the right consultant(s) to run workshops and leadership program in your organization is never an easy task. As head of the HR Division at the Danish Ministry of Culture, I was looking for someone, who could both challenge our leaders, understand their working environment in a political organization and design a program, which would give our leaders an even better ability to navigate in ever changing circumstances. Pernille and her former colleagues in the company “resonans” turned out to be an excellent fit for our leaders and the permanent secretary of the Danish Ministry of Culture. Through an ambitious leadership development program Pernille gave the leaders tools to lead themselves and their employees, to think strategically, to challenge the existing and collaborate across borders – both internally and externally. This was not only highly valued by the leaders, the employees and important stakeholders outside the department – it also payed off in terms of a more smooth transition into a new organizational structure and with this a better ability to perform on our core tasks. Pernille got great evaluations from our leaders and the permanent secretary. She also gets my best recommendations in terms of designing and facilitating strategic oriented leadership programs. I have continued to work with Pernille ever since her first assignment with us, She always delivers an excellent standard of work and she is always a pleasure to work with.
Jane Johansen Pade, Head of Division at Kulturministeriet