Gentofte kommune Reference

Gentofte municipality is facing some really challenging tasks these years – like most organizations. We are in the process of reinventing ourselves in terms of how we deliver high quality service to our citizens, how we involve stakeholders in solving the complex problems, we are experiencing every day (like climate change and the refugees crisis) – and we need the whole organization to think creatively about how to solve these problems. We therefore need some experienced consultants to help us in this transition. When we met Pernille, we knew we had found the right person for this task. Pernille is proactive, foreward thinking, with a high level of energy and knowledge about leadership and organizational development. She knows her theory – and how to bring it alive in the practical world. Together with fellow consultants from her former company resonans, she co-created a strategic oriented leadership-development program, which has given our leaders the tools to think out of the box, challenge assumptions and involve stakeholders in and around the organization in solving these real-life challenges, we face. Pernille has a strategic mind, she knows how to involve, lead and talk with people at all levels of the organization, and we have seen her succeed with programs for both employees and at the executive level. Her understanding of leading and working in a political environment is excellent. Pernille has a rare talent for knowing what is needed in the moment, so even though she always tailor-makes her processes for the given assignment and plan it very well, she also knows how to improvise, if circumstances change. She is easy to work with, always in a good mood and has a long experience from both the public and private sector, which is very inspirational. Whether you need a process-consultant, coach, advisor or one to give an inspirational talk, Pernille is able to take the role. I give her my best recommendations
Signe Rostgaard, Chefkonsulent, Strategi & Udvikling - Gentofte Kommune