CBS-SIMI Executive Reference

Working intensively with business leaders to make them grow as leaders is not an easy task. They are so different, we all are, and yet you need to meet them where they find themselves: introvert, extrovert, self-confident, insecure or hyper-active…to challenge them to look into the mirror and see what and who they discover. Pernille is excellent at that: Meeting people where they are and bring the best up without forgetting their potential for adding new facets to the benefits for their business.
Pernille became attached to the EMBA program offered by SIMI in 2005.The SIMI team had set itself the goal of challenging business leaders in such a way that they would gain a basis for documenting their personal dev. at the exam table while also documenting the effect on their organizations. Not an easy balance between very personal involvement and somewhat distanced academic criteria and then combined with real business dev. Pernille masters this balance, and never at the expense of the personal involvement.
After SIMI merged with CBS in 2009, Pernille got involved with the EMBA program, CBS-SIMI Executive has been offering in a JV with first Inoorero University and later Mt Kenya University in Nairobi, Kenya. Talking about cultural diversity! But Pernille and her colleagues set a framework for learning and personal dev. in which all participants could find a direction and take command of their personal growth. Along side with developing the leaders participating in the EMBA, Pernille and Ian Ratcliffe made a special “train-the-trainer” program for local facilitators and professors, which included personal feedback, instructions, role-modelling and supervision of them running the program.The facilitator team report that the train-the-trainer program has developed them and given them tools for running the leadership part of the EMBA, and that Pernille and Ian has made them grow as facilitators.
We all grow and we all want to grow when we are in the right hands. Pernille has such hands.
​Niels Arnfred, former Dean of SIMI, leader, consultant and adviser in the CBS-SIMI/Mt. Kenya University EMBA collaboration​