Berlingske Media Reference

In Berlingske Media we had been through a long transition phase, where we first of all had to think about new ways of thriving and surviving as a news platform of high quality, but also how to lead and organize ourselves in this constant changing environment with new players, competitors and business opportunities. We needed a strategic advisor to help us create and facilitate a leadership- and talent program for our managers and uprising talents, which could provide them with the skills and tools to manage in this reality.
Pernille turned out to be an excellent sparring partner in crafting and running this program. She is intelligent, grounded, likable and has an outstanding capability to communicate all theory in a simple, relevant and motivating way. Combined with her intelligent way of involving the participants, the participants went back and made remarkable individual and organizational changes.
If you ever need someone helping you with your strategic challenges and/or create and facilitate leadership development programs in your organization - Pernille might be just who you are looking for. I give her my very best recommendations - and you are more than welcome to contact me for further elaboration.
Malou Eskildsen