Aalborg Portland Reference

Pernille has been the lead facilitator in our organization in the creation and implementation of a strategic oriented leadership development program. She has so far had apx 40 of the top-executives, including the Executive Management Team, through the program. For Pernille it was paramount, that the Executive Management Team participated in the program, which turned out to be important for the organization. By participating closely, the EMT team was able to answer questions and show their results of applying strength based leadership. From there, true collaboration started and together we created a new, better, more sustainable strategy for the company.
Pernille is an excellent communicator of Strengths based Leadership and is able to make the program fit for the participants.
She makes us aware of "the best in us", and we can use it to create great results along with a great working-culture.
I have - on top of being a participant in the organizational program - had the pleasure of being in an individual coaching program with Pernille. She has helped me bringing my strengths even further into play and use the strength in the team around me.
What makes Pernille unique is her ability to recognize, and make every individual leader recognize, their own strengths and how these can be brought into play for the common good. She is upfront honest regarding both strengths and weaknesses. By starting with the strengths, it becomes so much easier to acknowledge and "harness" the weaknesses and judge how little or how much they count in different circumstances.
Pernille has helped us create a stronger leadership culture to the benefit of the business and employees.
Mille Tram Lux, Finance Director at Aalborg Portland