September 21st, 2015

The world is changing. The solutions we had for problems experienced by organizations 10, 5 or maybe even just 1 year ago – are not the solutions that may work for the challenges organizations (and the world) meet tomorrow. We need a new way of thinking about businesses – how we run, lead and think about business, how we organize, structure, collaborate and work in organizations of tomorrow and what it is, organizations are capable and COULD be capable of moving in the world, society and communities, they are part of.

The big WHY of hippebrun´co has to do with exactly this. The vision is, that we in the future will see even more proactive, collaborative, flourishing organizations doing good in the world, and in themselves acting as catalysts for human potential and wisdom. Hippebrun´co moves leaders & organizations to organize themselves for a more agile, constantly changing, exponential, reality – AND a reality that also calls for us to act with responsibility, fairness and mindfulness.