January 6th, 2011

Below you find some quotes and stories about Pernille Hippe Brun as a consultant, coach or leader.

Andreas Christoffersen, owner Dizdzo:
“I worked for Pernille when she was partner at “Resonans A/S”. It was a pleasure. Pernille has the rare ability to inspire through genuine inquiry. She is open minded, encompassing, thoughtful, kind and a kick ass moderator. If you ever need a group facilitator or board member in your company’s transition face, if you need an innovative and creative lightning to hit your daily routines, if you need a mentor or coach, I find it very difficult to recommend anyone as strongly as I recommend Pernille.”

Linda Mwangi, EMBA Program Coordinator at Institute of Capacity Building
“I have worked under the tutelage of Pernille as a leadership facilitator for more than 3 years. Everything I have learned about facilitating, has been from 2 great mentors of which Pernille is 1. Pernille has taught me to prod people into reflection using soft skills and I would like to recognize her here as an extremely skilled facilitator who enables serious learning yet with fun elements into the process. She is precise, methodical but more-so, has a passion for what she does and that’s what makes the difference.”

Niels Arnfred, former dean of SIMI (Scandinavian International Management Insititute) for more than ten years, now deeply involved in establishing an E-MBA in Nairobi/Kenya:
“Working intensively with business leaders to make them grow as leaders is not an easy task. They are so different, we all are, and yet you need to meet them where they find themselves: inadvert, extrovert, self-confident, insecure or hyper-active …to challenge them to look into the mirror and see what and who they discover. Pernille is excellent at that: Meeting people where they are and bring the best up without forgetting their potential for adding new facets.

She became attached to the EMBA program offered by SIMI in 2005. The SIMI team had set itself the goal of challenging business leaders in such a way that they would gain a basis for documenting their personal development at the exam table. Not an easy balance between very personal involvement and somewhat distanced academic criteria.

Pernille masters this balance, and never at the expense of the personal involvement. She is now also involved with the EMBA program, CBS-SIMI is offering in a joint venture with Mt. Kenya University in Nairobi, Kenya. Talking about cultural diversity! But she and her colleagues are able to set up a framework for learning and personal development in which all participants can find a direction and take command of their personal growth as well as their organizations growth. We all grow and we all want to grow when we are in the right hands. Pernille has such hands.”

Anne Mette Fugleholm, CEO Diakonissestiftelsen, Copenhagen:
Pernille Hippe Brun has held the position as my personal coach since 2010. Our initial cooperation was during my position as COO of the Health and Care Administration in Copenhagen Municipality during the period of 2010 to 2012. My position as COO comprised leadership of 11.000 employees and the responsibility of services in relation to elder care, rehabilitation, specialized nursing and prevention for citizens in Copenhagen. My reference was to the major and politicians in the Health and Care Committee.
The cooperation with Pernille continued during my shift to my actual position in June 2012 as CEO of Diakonissestiftelsen, a private non-profit fond, with 400 employees and a business revenue of 250 million DK KR. Diakonissestiftelsen has a wide range of services in collaboration with municipalities, regions, private and public companies.
The scope of the coaching has been both personal development and strategy development. Pernilles competences are highly recognized and have a consistent focus on change with impact, and crafting business possibilities and opportunities that get implemented.
She addresses leadership preferences and competences in order to reach an awareness and understanding that enables passion and personal responsibility for creating impact. In a very sustainable way the coaching program emphasizes mutual commitment to creating impact and ability to carefully adapt best-practice solutions to match the capabilities and unique challenges of people and scope of the organization. I have found it very satisfying that the scope of the coaching is not a burning platform, rather the assumption that changes should support our overall goal as an organization. In a very inspirational way Pernille combines focus on bridging strategy and execution, thinking and doing and analysis and innovation. By providing relevant tools she consistently emphasizes focus on innovating and responding to changing conditions as a way for organizations to discover new opportunities.
I highly recommend Pernille Hippe Brun for leadership development as well as for organizational development”.

Martin Gert Hansen, Senior department manager at Novo Nordisk A/S
“In the summer of 2010 I read Pernilles book: Strength based leadership. Building on and expanding the principles of positive psychology and appreciative inquiry in a very easy to understand and easy to implement way – I knew that I just had to learn more. So I contacted Pernille and I got help from Pernille to discover more within the leadership field and also within myself.
I have had Pernille to do seminars and training within my management group and department. Pernille is excellent at putting a meaningful and ambitious program together – but also to be open to opportunities coming up – and changing the program appropriately to get more out of the moment. On a small island in Denmark we experienced a great seminar on “presence and authenticity” in leadership with vice-presidents, department managers and team leaders where Pernille and her colleagues held us breath taken with training and exercises which my colleagues from time to time still refers to today.
During the last five years I have also used Pernille as a personal coach. Pernille is great at listening and challenging me in different situations. In different challenging situations in my career and life – she has been able to influence me to get more out of life and myself. Whether it has been thinking in an alternative angle on a difficult situation … or introducing and applying a new tool to help me being the best version of myself. Some of the tools are still an important part of my life – getting more out of life as department manager, colleague, father and husband.”

Helene Wulff Andersen, Change Manager at AkzoNobel
“Pernille is a warm, wise and insightful woman, who is a true catalyst for individual as well as organizational transformations!”

Jens Hage, Cartoonist at Jens Hage ApS
“I had a meeting with Pernille. Not in an office – but in my favorite spot in the wood – in her new auto camper. Right there under the trees. She has a sign on the camper: “Moving leaders”. Well I was moved! And that’s how it works with Pernille. I’ve done several workshops and conferences with Pernille over the years, and I can highly recommend a session with her. She does things differently, and people are moved – in all aspects of the word.”

Bo Høifeldt, Sales Director, Post Danmark:
“Pernille and I met as part of my E-MBA program at SIMI, where she facilitated my first team for 9 months as a professional psychologist. Finishing the MBA I had the pleasure to hire Pernille as my personal coach. I can only say that Pernille made it possible for me to change my life! I did it but she made it possible. With professionalism, patience, focus and multiple challenges I believe she made me a better leader, partner and human. Based on my experience with Pernille as personal coach as well as facilitator at the MBA program I will gladly recommend Pernille for any task involving drastical development of organizations and individuals. And personally I would love to do business with Pernille again!”

Trine Brahm, Head of People Development, Novozymes A/S:
“In Novozymes it is important for us that training and development processes leave true impact in the organization. Pernille Hippe Brun has in a train-the-trainer workshop with our European HR-partners demonstrated, that she skillfully masters to create a process balancing time to reflect, introduction to concrete tools and sparring – all of which can directly be used and implemented in our daily work.

The purpose with the workshop was to focus on the HR-partner as a facilitator. Pernille designed a proces for us that allowed time to exchange experience, get new inspiration, refresh methods we already used, train new tools and be challenged by sparring.  It matched the group of very experienced HR-partners in the best possible manner. It is not easy to train experienced consultants within their own field. But Pernille was the right choice for the task because of her professional depth and personal presence combined with a challenging style. We give Pernille our warmest recommendations.”