Wisdom (?) – let´s move to Vegas!

February 19th, 2014

This weekend I attended the wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco – my new hood. A mixed experience – since the whole event took place in a basement of a big hotel – with no windows or fresh air or smell of nature whatsoever… Guess I am just becoming too used to walk-and-talks in the open and using nature as a great inspirator to the processes I run with leadership teams and whole organizations to be able to sit in a conference for 4 days… Even though there was an opportunity to do yoga every once in a while…But again, in a closed room without windows. And since the whole idea with the conference was to be inspired to think outside the box and find new ways of being and leading in businesses of tomorrow in a way that is “beneficial to our own well-being, make us effective in our work, and useful to the world” it seemed kind of odd that the event-makers had not been able to find a more inspiring venue. Along with the fact that the program often only had 20 min. sections with great people like Chade Meng Tan from Google or Jon Kabat-Zinn… (what sense does this make? If you want people to connect at a deeper level and really dig deep on a topic and get more wise?)… there is definately “room for improvement” if Soren Gordhamer and  his team want to make another conference like this next year (which they probably will… considering the huge interest – we were 2000 poeple from all over the world…).


Oh well, when that is said the organizers of the conference had gathered a great pool of really inspiring people and stories about how to lead and be and think about and in businesses of tomorrow! Besides from all the people from different organizations that has finally come out of the closets and proclaimed: “Oh yeah, I meditate too, and I think it makes a huge and positive difference for the company and the way I lead”, there were some hands-on entrepreneurs showing what they had done/are doing to make the world a better place.


One of the most inspiring speakers (in my opinion) was Tony Hsieh from Zappos, telling his story about community building in Vegas! His story makes me want to move to Vegas or create something similar in another town. You can see his contribution here – and many more great contributions at wisdom 2.0´s homepage: http://wisdom2conference.com/Livestream

Next year – let´s meet in downtown VEGAS for the Wisdom 2.0 conference…