Humanising organizations

March 18th, 2013

Moving leaders – moving organizations. In the new era of management and leadership, maybe we will not talk so much about leaders/employees, but more about colleges, co-workers, teams? After all, we work together to accomplish a common goal, don´t we? In our traditional way of thinking we think we need leaders to organize the work, delegate, set the direction – things we might use to explain the need for leaders… But could we structure our organizations in a way, that is more human and inspiring than the way it is in many traditional, bureaucratic and hierachical organizations of today? That brings out peoples passion, creativity and initiative – without the leaders standing there breathing the employees in the neck? That gives people the feeling of freedom and commitment at the same time?
I think it is possible, yet not easy and straigth-forward. It requires free-thinking, out-of-the-box thinking human beings with a will and a courage to challenge things as they are and assumptions as they present themselves as facts. That are able to find new, innovative, never-thought-of-before ways of “doing things” and structuring organizations.
Gary Hamel is one of the leaders of the world who inspire us to think the unthinkable – by inviting us to share stories of untraditional ways of organising and leading and by provoking us to challenge assumptions: