Graduating minds

January 26th, 2012

Last weekend the first E-MBA class of University of Inoorero, Kenya, graduated. Congratulations!

As I watched them smiling and hugging and sighing with relief that 15 months of hard work now finally materialized itself in a diploma I thought of all the changes these leaders now hopefully are going to implement in their organizations and society.

I hope they will keep un developing themselves. Challenging status-quo. Listening to their hearts and harnessing their minds. I hope they will use emotional intelligence and resonance to guide them in the decisions they take, which influences a lot of peoples lives. I hope their small businesses will grow and flourish and make them even prouder of Kenyan products and ways of doing things. I wish they will stop and reflect every once in a while and think back on the feedback, good advice, new learning and insights they have gotton on this E-MBA.

I hope they will act as if they have thousand lives to live but no time to waste.