Business stripped bare

April 27th, 2011

I just finished reading Richard Branson´s book “Business stripped bare”. Like two of his other books “Losing my Virginity” and “Screw It, Let´s Do it”, this latest book of his is also fun, energizing, thought-provoking and really inspiring to read.

Here are some quotes from the book, just to give you a little feeling of what the business world (also) looks like through RB´s eyes:

“We run our companies professionally and we make sure that everyone does their job to the highest standards. But the way we make sure is to see that people are having fun. Fun is not about acting stupid. It´s the feeling you get when you´re on top of things. We try to make sure that the people who come into contact with a Virgin Business end up with a smile on their face (not always easy).”

“When you´re good at what you do, you don’t worry so much about your image. So I think it´s a positive sign when people don’t take themselves too seriously”.

“We´d much sonner personalise our machinery than mechanise our staff”.

“What you´re bad at actually doesn´t interest people, and it certainly shouldn´t interest you. However accomlished you become in life, the things you are bad at will always outnumber the things you´re good at. So don´t let your limits knock your self-confidence. Put them to one side and push yourself towards your strengths.”

And then a quote from the last page of the book:

“The Brave may not live forever. But the cautious do not live at all”.

Be ready for a roller-coster tour through this amazing entrepreneurs thoughts about “Business – when it is stripped bare”. And while you wait for the chance to buy or borrow and read the book, you might as well enjoy Richard Branson himself in this little snap-shot: