When guru´s talk…

March 15th, 2011

On the video below you can – among other things – hear Jon Kabat-Zinn and Peter Senge talk about the necessity of letting something die in order for something new to blossom and rise. So many things are “dying” these days. Regimes in the middle east, old leadership paradigms – just to mention a few.

In my own development as a person, consultant, parent and leader, I also find, that I need to let go of something, let something die, before I can move on to a new dimension, get a deeper understanding or insight or get to another level of matureness. It can be an idea or an object, a person or a feeling I need to let go of.

For instance, I find that in order to really listen to and learn from another person or just the moment, I need to let go of my own ideas of what I THINK I can learn here. And I find, that it is indeed not that easy… But nevertheless always worth a try… And when I succeed, I am usually surprised to find, that it was not what I THOUGHT I could learn and gain, but something else that turned out to be the outcome of letting go (and letting come).

What do YOU need to let go of to get yourself and/or your business develop to “the next level” (whatever that is…)?