Welcome to hippebrun´co – moving leaders & organizations to take responsible action towards a flourishing future


In a world of constant change, pressure, overload of information and content, social injustice and climate change, we need leaders & organizations to make wise decisions and sustainable strategies – and implement them. We need leaders to think creatively about how to solve complex problems in collaboration with others and to bring the best of the organization into play in order to create a flourishing future.
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Hippebrun´co moves leaders and organizations through facilitation of profound change processes on both the individual and the organizational level. Through the process, leaders and organizations find sustainable and innovative ways to lead and organize themselves, collaborate and communicate, survive and thrive and get concrete tools on how to bring themselves and the organization forward.



hippebrun´co tailor-makes every process so that it fits with “where you are” as a leader and an organization. It is impossible to make a “one-size-fits-all” program for leaders and organizations. That said, you can rest assured, that in the hands of hippebrun´co you will experience the following:



Hippebrun´co is founded and owned by Pernille Hippe Brun, an experienced Facilitator and Business Consultant with a background as Business Psychologist, Entrepreneur & Leader, Organizational Change Agent and Board Member. You can read more about Pernille on her linked-in page here.
The ´co in hippebrun´co symbolizes the close working relationships Pernille has with customers and other experienced consultants, who supplements or adds to her skills when needed.





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